E Resource Links: Daily Updates (14.05.2020)

  1. Why we need basic universal income in post-COVID world
  2. Will Months of Remote Learning Worsen Students’ Attention Problems?
  3. Supporting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of primary aged children – Part 01
  4. Why-teachers-need-a-growth-mindset-to-succeed/
  5. Begin with Trust
  6. Working in a distributed environment? Have you tried Microsoft Teams yet?
  7. The roadmap for students: tests, staggered attendance
  8. Class IX Science: NCERT Sollutions, Natural resources
  9. https://www.learncbse.in/general-knowledge/
  10. https://www.learncbse.in/lakhmir-singh-chemistry-class-10-solutions/
  11. https://www.learncbse.in/lakhmir-singh-biology-class-10-solutions/
  12. https://www.learncbse.in/reading-comprehension-pdf/
  13. विश्लेषण: पूरे भारत में लॉकडाउन से कितना काबू आया कोरोनावायरस?
  14. What Are Kids Reading Now? Follett Reveals the Top Ebook and Audiobook Checkouts.

Author: K D Ambani Reliance Foundation School Library


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